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Jun 06

Episode 5: Pg 26

May 31

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Hey, do you want resources for your webcomics?

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Slightly Cosmic Dash related as I use many of these resources in the comic, and now you can use them too! $1 and royalty free!

May 30

Episode 4: Pg 25 -

See you later, Space Pirates.

May 24

The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Moment of Clarity: No Volume One Printed Collection

Long story short, I jumped into comics without thinking it through, and I screwed up.

First of all, I wish to offer my most sincere apologies to those of you who were looking forward to a printed volume of the first season of Cosmic Dash. I was very much looking forward to the collection myself based on the printed issues I had already done, but as I was combing through my archives I came to some rather bothersome realizations which are pretty much associated.

  1. Many of my source files are missing outright making many pages non-editable.

  2. There are fonts used on some of these pages that cannot be edited that I cannot track down, or are for non-commercial use.

So why are these issues preventing me from pursuing the first volume as a print collection? To begin with, I started the comic without seriously considering the idea of printing it, and as such I simply barrelled through my stories and did not make the proper considerations. The art has never been a problem, but my ignorance of the value archiving raw, uncompressed files, in combination with a series of computer errors has left me with some problematic gaps in my archives. This really applies to the first two issues and the pilot episode of the comic, of course, but being unable to include episodes one and two of the first volume would just be unpalatable for me. It was around the mid-point of issue two when I realized that print was a good idea. All the pages since have been archived properly and can be edited, but that still leaves a lot of content that is problematic.

I have learned much about print, however, in my experiences, and moving into volume two all future pages will be designed for printed collection. That means commercial-use fonts and thorough backup PSDs with the ability to edit pages based on need. The actual print volume for the next batch of stories will be discussed a little later. Rest assured, there are plans for more Cosmic Dash stories, and the comic will still be progressing as it always has. After all, I know I am not the only one who is wondering just how the hell the crew is going to stay together now that their ship is gone.

That being said, there is the issue of previously printed stories. I will be removing them from Indyplanet as soon as possible so as to avoid any potential issues that could arise there. I have also begun a list of fonts on the about page of the comic that I used. It is by no means a complete listing, as some of the fonts are impossible for me to identify since the source files are sometimes missing, or the fonts are on composited layers. If you see one of your own fonts, or recognize a font, please contact me so I can include it on the list. My ignorance was an issue, but my desire to make good on things should speak to my intentions.

In regards to the future of the comic and printed collections, I have learned a lot. For starters, I might need to consider this first volume as a sort of Volume Zero so I can label the first printed volume as Volume One. The next volume was intended as a kind of soft-reboot anyway, and all the previous stuff will still be canon. Really all that changes is the “why” of these characters and the journeys, so no worries about the stuff I’ve done being ignored or retconned. There was a consideration on my part about printing both parts of “The Cube” as a stand-alone graphic novel, but ultimately I feel like it’s far too connected to what came before to treat it as its own thing. It’s really a culmination of all the stories I’ve done so far. If there is interest in “The Cube” as a graphic novel I’ll definitely consider putting in the work.

Really, I just feel stupid about the whole situation. I know I shouldn’t because I had no idea I was going to bother collecting all of these stories, but the feeling is still there. I feel bad that for those of you who really, really love the comic who have to deal with the fact that I effed up this badly. I do promise that what is ahead is going to be great, and will be designed for print from the start. I will, in the words of the Federation, “seek the horizon” in this situation. Yeah, it sucks, and the damage is done, but I am resolute in my desire to deliver a sci-fi epic for free on the web, and in print.

So thank you dear readers for your understanding, and as always you know where to find me. Drop me a line anytime.

Humbly and sincerely, David Davis

May 23

Episode 5: Pg 24 -

Don’t piss off the bird lady.

May 16

Episode 5: Pg 23 -

Also comes with a preview of the exclusive Facebook comic!

May 09

Recent Downtime

Recent downtime on the Dash site has made me wonder about posting the pages here on tumblr, or maybe making a tumblr just for the comic pages. Any thoughts?

Episode 5: Pg 22

May 02

Episode 5: Pg 21

Apr 25

Episode 5: Pg 20

Apr 18

Episode 5: Pg 19

Apr 16

We hit over 100 fans on Facebook, so there’s going to be a Facebook exclusive comic! Please chime in. What faction should the Facebook story explore?

We hit over 100 fans on Facebook, so there’s going to be a Facebook exclusive comic! Please chime in. What faction should the Facebook story explore?

Apr 11

Episode 5: Pg 18

Apr 08

Cosmic Dash soundtrack on Spotify -

Here’s a playlist for Cosmic Dash on Spotify!

It’s a collaborative playlist, so feel free to add songs!

Suggested genres: Electronic, Symphonic, Atmospheric, and New Wave/Synthpop

Apr 04

Episode 5: Pg 17